Kathryn has been a great support in helping me to design training modules that are fit for sustainable delivery in the VC age that has become so prevalent over the course of 2020.

Kathryn’s style and ability to coach, both on the technical and behavioural aspects have been extremely beneficial to how we at Zest have approached new work with our clients.

Zest Ltd

Kathryn really is a superb coach, she has all the qualities you would look for.

An exceptional listener who knows how to ask questions in a way that guides you well.  She was able to help me identify my strengths and build on them to look at my goals.

Kathryn helped me to remain motivated and empowered and the rapport between us grew at each meeting. I was challenged at times but with the reflection and summarising it felt comfortable.

I managed to turn my career around and take on a new role with a new organisation. I always knew I could do it but Kathryn helped me take control.


Kathryn launched an inspired and innovative series of networking events, combining easy walking around the countryside with meeting interesting local business people.

Whilst the “netwalking” is relaxed, Kathryn provides optional ideas for conversation threads, and also helps people to focus on how to achieve their professional objectives along the walk.

Amazing what an hour can achieve, best networking event I have attended for a long time.


Thank you Kathryn for your insightful sessions!

It is incredible, how in just the first hour I was able to view my situations from a completely different perspective. My attitude about myself and my career has improved, gaining the courage to make and even embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me, and others.

Without making the decisions for me you helped me develop ways to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness. You helped me both personally and professionally and exhibited a unique sense of interest in my life which made me feel supported and championed in the attainment of my goals.


Kathryn taught my sons techniques to develop their own paths. This has taken the pressure off the family when talking about the subject with them both. Kathryn coached them to think independently about their own futures. They are more inclined to ask for the family’s advice and discuss ideas between themselves, which is a noticeable change for the better. Seeing them both take responsibility of their own paths is extremely pleasing as a parent.

Both are now on their own journey – one leaving school this year and has put in place ways to early engage with his growing network and said he enjoyed the structure and independent support coaching gave him and the other benefitted from the very first session, becoming self-motivated and making big steps in developing his awareness and network, improving his people skills and aspirations leaps and bounds.



I had never considered coaching before and hadn’t even really heard of it. I was quite nervous and put off getting in touch a few times unsure whether it would really be my thing, however I was having some thoughts about where I wanted to be particularly within the professional aspects of my life and thought it was worth a try to see if it could give me some clarity on which way to go and what to do next.
It certainly did that!
I only worked with Kathryn for a few sessions and quickly became aware of what I wanted to focus on in life both personally and particularly for me professionally as this was where my uncertainty had been. I quickly built a good rapport with Kathryn and was able to speak openly and honestly without judgement in a completely confidential environment.
I landed my dream job only a couple of months after first working with Kathryn and I’m sure some of what I had become learnt, become aware of and put in practice, helped me to get the job I’d realised I’d wanted all along.
I have learnt techniques that I have since used myself and can also now identify situations where some of my colleagues could benefit from giving coaching a try and I encourage them all to give it a go.


I was quite nervous of going into coaching having never used it before however I had no reason to be apprehensive as Kathryn made me feel at ease from the start by being an independent pair of ears and creating a trusting and respectful environment to engage in. I have been amazed at how valuable this experience has been and in such a short space of time I have gained confidence in my decisions and have a clear action plan at the end of each session to move me towards my long-term goals.


I was extremely impressed in the personalised action plan I came away with after only one hour of coaching on the phone with Kathryn which I was able to immediately implement into my life. Kathryn’s professionalism in the discussion with me ensured that I got the most out of the session.

I also appreciated how she was able to find a time for me that worked around my own current schedule. Her coaching has been invaluable for me to work out my next steps in developing my career, and I feel a lot more optimistic for my future. I would certainly recommend Kathryn to anyone who would like an expert and highly-effective coaching session.


Kathryn has helped me figure out exactly what I want from myself, and how to get there. Her service is bespoke, thought provoking, and utterly instrumental in realising the steps to be taken towards my goal. Kathryn is sensitive and understands how something would make you feel.


My experience of being coached by Kathryn was a positive one, Every session, I walked away with an action plan I felt confident, excited and comfortable with. I always felt supported by Kathryn and left every session feeling positive. Kathryn has a wonderful manner, both professional and friendly