Coaching For Individuals

Suffering from our limiting beliefs can be debilitating.

I have experienced these feelings myself in both my personal and work environments and have used coaching to help my outlook and decision making.

As your coach I will work with you, tailoring the approach to your personal needs using proven tools and techniques that will start to create a more positive outlook on life. We will explore your goals and what you will gain from achieving them. Coaching will help to overcome any limiting beliefs which will start to reshape your thinking and increase your self-belief leading to a more exciting and satisfying life.

To take that metaphorical step forward we can walk while we talk outdoors in your local surroundings. Coaching outdoors adds to your development, both mentally and physically and what a great way to enjoy our countryside. If this does not suit you we can work together indoors or over the phone – the choice is yours.

I consider coaching an investment which should be sustainable and many clients have appreciated having the space and support to reflect and explore all aspects of work and personal life, recognising behaviour patterns and creating long terms changes.

Whilst everyone has different goals, I offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss your personal goals.

Coaching is available on a session by session basis or from a choice of supportive programmes.

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt

I would love to help you

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