About Me

I am an energetic person with a drive and compassion to help others and love nothing more than to see people around me develop and change through increased self-awareness. Having recognised a golden thread of coaching through my career, and reflecting on the joy that comes from helping others thrive and succeed, I invested in myself and started to formalise my coaching and utilising the experiences I had gained in both work and life took the leap of faith and set up the business to focus on coaching others to achieve their goals and aspirations.

I am lucky enough to have had a successful and varied career in sectors including fitness, recruitment, marketing and nuclear. Yes, these sectors may seem worlds apart however the golden thread was the people engagement. I have had the pleasure of finding candidates their ideal job, coaching individuals to achieve fitness levels they thought were impossible, developing high performing teams in complex and challenging circumstances, achieved business growth through sales, taken teams through business change, led project consultations and supported team members through challenges at work.

I am too, also human, and my career has also taken me to darker times where I have lost confidence, had low self-esteem and worked with others that have not shared my values. I know what it is like to struggle, maybe a difficult presentation or job interview. These periods felt debilitating at the time however I gathered my strength to find a path of recovery and made decisions that led to other rewarding and self-fulfilling chapters of my life.

I have an authentic passion and desire to support others through these challenges in life too.

"This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything”

– Scott Reed

My Passions & Goals

The blend of years in business, working in varied cultures, as well as my passion for travel and my experience in completing challenges like climbing the three peaks or running half marathons allows me to understand and have empathy with my client’s challenges and goals. Together with a structured coaching methodology and good listening skills, this has allowed me to do a job that I am truly passionate about.

I offer a friendly and professional approach with structured sessions and important time for reflection in order to help clients move closer to their goals.   Creating the “safe space” for others to explore and consider their personal goals and aims, I love nothing more than seeing the “magic” of coaching develop my clients.

I love to take my clients outdoors too which provides a natural and nurturing surrounding to coach however some clients prefer to be coached over the phone or virtually (Skype or Zoom).

It is really important to me to make sure I make time for a healthy work-life balance, maintaining an optimal wellbeing and ensure I have the mental and physical health to support my clients. My husband, Alan, and I spend quality time cycling both in this country and abroad.  We have some great family and friends around us and we love nothing more than making memories with them.

I love to set myself goals and some would say I am just a little bit competitive! At the moment my goals include maintaining a healthy mind and body, developing my business and supporting local schools through volunteering – do visit my blog to see how I am getting on.

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