Do you feel like your workload is unmanageable?  Do you find yourself saying yes to every new piece of work?  Do you feel overwhelmed and out of control?

Studies show that work stress is by far one of the main contributors to anxiety and even more so as technology allows us to work 24/7 and many are working from home and do not have clear boundaries.

Boundaries are key to creating balance in life.

You will need to take some time to decide what boundaries are important to you and the value they will bring you.

Once you have done this, here are my top five tips on sustaining those boundaries.

  1. Communicating clearly and early with those around you, whether it be family or colleagues, will be important in setting expectations and sharing why they are important to you. When people know the importance of your boundaries, they are more likely to buy in to your plans and support you.
  2. Give yourself permission to honour your time so consider when you start and finish your working day with a little flexibility for when you may need it. Set boundaries as to when you might check emails or take work calls etc.
  3. Learning to say no to things can be difficult sometimes so take time to practise it. Start by considering how it might add value or how long it might take and what impact that has on your list of priorities.  Every time you say “yes” to something new, you are in fact saying “no” to something already on your list!
  4. Ask for help from those around you to set your boundaries. It might be a manager or a family member who you see as doing this well – what do they do that works well or what might they suggest.
  5. Delegation is part of being a good leader and it can be developed, so take some time to consider what tasks you can delegate to those around you. Maybe others have certain skills you can utilise and consider using some tasks as development opportunities for them.  Learn to trust others around you and let go of the things you can.

For those of you that know me, you’ll know I take a lot from the author Brené Brown who shares…

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others. We can’t base our own worthiness on others’ approval. Only when we believe, deep down, that we are enough can we say, enough!

She also recommends making a mantra. Think of something you can say to yourself when things get tough.  Brené also has something she holds on to (a silver ring she spins) —literally—during those awkward moments when an ask hangs in the air.

Setting boundaries creates happy and productive people, so I hope this helps you consider how you will set yours.

Of course, if you’d like some support with doing this, please do get in touch