Are you already an entrepreneur or maybe one in the making?  

Do you want to wake up your entrepreneurial brain?

Do you want to positively change something in the world?

These are just a few of the many questions you may be asking yourself.  Daniel Priestley, author of Entrepreneur Revolution, has lots of advice in his book and some I use regularly when coaching my entrepreneur clients.

There are many ways to wake up our brain to the entrepreneurial world and I wanted to share some of these with you, so here is the first…

This tip aims to open yourself up to new opportunities, gets you challenging yourself and positively learning from the experience.

As an entrepreneur myself, I have had to make decisions, take risks and push myself out of my comfort zone and this happens most days.  My business decisions are not always planned or known and sometimes they just don’t go the way I expected them too.  One of the most productive things I have done and you can start doing is….having conversations.

So here it is…

Make 3 Calls!

Think bold and step out of your comfort zone.  What is is you want to start doing, do you have an idea you want to introduce to others or who do you want to speak with? When you pick up the phone to do this allow yourself to call those that are not family or friends, think about who may be interested or might help you advance your thinking.  Be ambitious!

Now you’ve made those calls, make 3 other calls from the responses you get, and continue this to allow you to progress the opportunities you are faced with and make sure they are directional to your vision.

Take note of these reflective questions you can ask yourself to gain from the learning:

  1. What have I learnt from making these calls?
  2. What could I take from this call and use in my next?
  3. If I was to make that call again, what might I do differently?
  4. Knowing what you now know, what do you need to do – what is your next action?

It feels great to have made these call, right?!

I wish you well in your opportunities that have come from these calls and hope you’ll use your conversations positively and continue to wake up your entrepreneurial brain.

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