So, does this resonate with you?

I have become so busy recently running my business and enjoying the delivery of coaching that I have just realised I have had little time to develop new things.

Do you ever feel like you are on the treadmill of life or maybe the hamster wheel – going nowhere fast? Whether we see it coming or not, we’re often chasing a growing list of responsibilities.

I have tried to get off the wheel by reading books, speaking with fellow coaches and experimenting with things, and as a result I have got some new ideas to follow up with.  However, I still find it difficult sometimes to really get free with my thoughts. My vision is to be so much more, so today I have taken action!

Here’s how to get a sense of control back and jump off the hamster wheel.

First consider…

  • What is my expectation? (get clear on your purpose and direction)
  • What do I keep telling myself that keeps me overwhelmed?
  • What would be realistic?
  • What can I get rid of or put off? (eliminate activities that are not closely related to your core purpose – focusing where you can make your biggest impact)
  • What’s missing?

Then, re-adjust…

  • Let people know the situation – they may be able to help, sympathise or maybe you can delegate/outsource certain tasks
  • Take time out to organise – categorise tasks, break them down, create a game plan, find ways to automate what you have to do
  • Do one thing at a time (this is one I struggle with!)
  • Focus on what you’re doing, not what isn’t done (recognise this one?)
  • Track your accomplishments and let others know (nothing quite like a pat on the back!)

Taking time to consider these will enable you to plan and take action.  For me it was about getting time back to really get creative and visualise the business as it continues to grow.

I have faith in you – so why not give it a go!