As Halloween approaches, do you reminisce about the film, Halloween? Did it scare you like some of us are perhaps scared of stepping out of our comfort zones? Let’s face it, it can feel pretty uncomfortable!

Staying in our comfort zone feels familiar and safe? We know everything about being in that place; our feelings and thoughts so why would we step outside of this.

Sometimes I’ve felt a little uncomfortable in my comfort zone, but at times I have decided to stay there, worrying that stepping out of it will be even worse with the feeling of the unknown.

• Is this ringing any bells with you as you read it?
• Do you fear stepping outside of your comfort zone in fear of feeling vulnerable and maybe losing your safe space that you are familiar with?
• Do you know if you are in your comfort zone – do you feel bored, tired, unhappy or lacking enthusiasm? You might even find yourself imagining a new life, or new job but possibly not knowing what or how to take the first step to this unfamiliar place!

So, what can you do about it?
You will, no doubt, already know that fear is a natural and important part of our personal growth. How about trying one of the following ideas to take your first step out of your comfort zone? You might even like it!

1. Change your routine
Our routines are often a lot to do with comfort and what we know and what works. What if you were to make a small change to a routine. Maybe you walk the same way to work every day or pop into the same café at lunch time. A small change to our routine can lead to new sights, ideas, options and maybe even action towards a goal you have.

2. Face fear head on
To share my own experience; owning my own business has led to me facing my fear on many occasions and I have now learnt that when I feel that fear I know that it will likely lead to personal development and achievement, which is what we all want, right? Next time you feel that fear, what small step could you take knowing it’s likely to lead to something new and successful?

3. Ask questions
Many people I have supported have at some point feared asking questions, maybe in a meeting with senior colleagues or with their customers. Sometimes asking that awkward question means stepping out of your comfort zone. On the other hand, asking questions about other people’s experiences or perhaps what other colleagues are thinking might just give you the information you need to move forward, make decisions or develop relationships for the better.

4. Giving up the control
We’ve all been there! Those of you that run your own business may have been thinking about hiring someone to take on your social media as your business grows and you have less time, however giving up the control of something that you do well can be a big step out of the comfort zone. Just imagine the time you’ll get back and they may even do it as well as you!

These are just some of the ways to step out of your comfort zone and develop personally or as a business.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, might just be exciting and the first step towards your goals that you’ve needed! Maybe a bit like that Halloween film!

I hope these ideas have sparked some thoughts of your own and you move forward with less fear of stepping away from you comfort zone, even if it is for just for a moment to experience the excitement and personal growth.

If you would like to explore coaching to support you with this, do get in touch. I will be offering free 30 minute consultations on Halloween (day time) to those that would like to discuss how coaching can help.