I get asked this a lot by potential clients “why should I or my staff have a coach?”

My initial response is a coach can support you to…
• Reach your goals faster
• Identify and breakthrough any self-limiting beliefs
• Become a more effective leader
• Gain clarity and direction in your purpose

Having a coach to support you is one of the fastest ways to success. A coach will feed your mind, provide new ideas and ways of thinking, and move you to your imaginary.

Despite this, most people don’t have a coach. People seem to resist it, thinking they can do it on their own and often unwilling to make the investment in themselves. Many people I know do however find time to have a regular facial or buy a new state of the art gadget. This decision can hold people back from having success in their lives. Some are afraid or fear someone else helping them when they think they can or should be doing it themselves. Some of the most successful business owners or sports people look to their coach or team around them to achieve success – you can’t do it alone. These successful people have an open mind to try new ideas and work with other people to challenge them in a way you can’t challenge yourself.

If you’re trying to improve the success of your business, hiring a coach that has the experience and skills to support you can speed up the process to your success. You may already have ideas – a coach can support and challenge you on moving these forward quicker than you can alone and how to implement it with maximum benefit.

Looking back on my own life, I wish I’d had the opportunity of working with a coach in my early career. Having self-awareness and more confidence allows us to make decisions that align with our passion, our life dreams and our aspirations.

You may want to increase sales within your business. Hiring a coach can speed this process up by uncovering and support the breakthrough of any limiting beliefs that consume you or may have been holding you back from making that first move.

Doing it on your own makes it harder to achieve and it can take longer to get there.

The power of a having a coach can make a change in your life for the better, whether it be growing your business, growing your confidence, getting ready for a sports competition or maybe being a better leader. A coach is there to hold you accountable and to a higher standard to get more from you than you can ever do and achieve so much more than you thought you could.

Don’t have the money for a coach?

The reality is always that you will save time, stress, and pain along the way by having a coach and therefore the investment is realised quickly. Think about what you could do less of to find the investment – maybe put your daily Starbucks coffee aside and put it towards a monthly coaching session.

When asked what the best way to invest was, e.g. property, shares, etc, the very successful world investor, Warren Buffet replied “the best investment you can ever make is in yourself”.

Find a coach, make the investment in yourself and reap the rewards.

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