How can a vision board help you achieve your dreams?

Highly successful people often use vision boards, whether it be a successful business leader, a sportsperson or an actor. Many say that their board improves their focus, motivation and positive thinking towards their goals and dreams. Someone I know once referred to it as a “treasure map” which I like – the thought of the treasure at the end motivates me!

Vision boards are a visual representation of what you really want to create in life. They help give you clarity to stay focused on what you want to be, do or have in life. The images or words act as a reminder that increases your self-belief that you can achieve your goals and have the mindset to take those first few steps needed to be successful. Some also use them to increase their confidence in their abilities as positive affirmation.

Looking at your vision board regularly makes you feel good which in turn motivates you and acts as a constant reminder of what you can achieve and helps reduce the chances of falling into negative thinking.

The best place to have your vision board is somewhere you spend most of your time, whether that be in the kitchen, office or above your bathroom sink. Someone I know took a copy of their board and used it as their mobile phone screen saver which helps uplift them throughout their day.

I run workshops to create your vision board which is a critical step in your “treasure hunt” in turning your vision into reality. Whilst creating your board you will have time to reflect, uncover some things that may be holding you back and identify routes to a new self-belief. You may want to use images or words that represent things that interest you, places you want to see or go to, people you want to be around, a career that interests you as well as images that represent values that are important to you.
Your vision board can encourage your subconscious mind to take up new ideas and see the finer detail and connect to your desired future state.

Having the right attitude to create your vision board is important and will require self-permission to be honest, open minded and enthusiastic towards your dreams and goals.

If you’d like to create you very own vision board and help find your “treasure” in life, come along to the next workshop on Monday 25 February (this date is for ladies only) in Cockermouth, Cumbria or contact me to arrange your own vision board party. 

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