I recently heard someone describe motivation and confidence as the twin engines of change? Both engines need to be fully powered up to move forward. I love this!

Are you ready to change? What determines our readiness to change?

Psychologist James Prochaska and his collaborators at the University of Rhode Island, with more than 1,000 studies led to the creation of the Transtheoretical Model (TTM), which has given us a map of the five stages of change:

  1. Precontemplation? No way!!! Very low confidence, or defiance, not ready.
  2. Contemplation? Getting ready, on the fence, maybe…
  3. Preparation? Getting ready, anticipating, intend to take action in the near future.
  4. Action? Actively engaging in new behaviours and mindsets while still wobbly and vulnerable to lapses
  5. Maintenance? Behaviours and mindsets become automatic, working to prevent relapse.

Are you experiencing these stages?

There are ten processes that need to be implemented to successfully progress through the stages of change and to reach the desired behaviour change. These include consciousness raising, self re-evaluation, self-liberation and reinforcement management.

Are you ready to explore this and make a change?  If you’d like to invest in yourself and consider coaching to support your change, I’d love to work with you.